3 Ways to Build a Lasting Relationship with your Recruiter

How many relationships do you have with someone who is working diligently to help you find a better job and make more money? Probably not many, so it makes sense that you should nurture the relationship with a recruiter who is there to help you.

You may be in a position where you have a wealth of options and positions to choose from, but that may not always be the case! Having someone there to look out for you and consistently search for the best job opportunities to match your unique skillset and approach is priceless. Here are three ways to build and maintain your relationship with your recruiter.

Keep Them Current

Communication is key when working with a recruiter. Think about all of the information that your recruiter needs in order to find the best opportunities for you. No matter where you are in the recruitment or employment process, your recruiter is still working for you! They are constantly searching for new opportunities and keeping you in mind as they open new doors.

It is incredibly important that you communicate any changes or updates in your life that affect your job search to your recruiter. Some recruiters regularly send requests for updated information. There are many different items that your recruiter needs to stay up to date on, such as:

  • Contact Information
  • CV/Resume
  • Clinical Status
  • References
  • Licensure/Certifications
  • Other Supporting Documents (i.e. Medical Records, Malpractice Information, etc.)

If you are working with a recruiter and your circumstances change – for example, you decide to accept another job or work with a different staffing firm – simply be open about it. Your recruiter will understand and appreciate your honesty. A quick email or phone call leaves the door open for working together in the future!

Refer Colleagues to your Recruiter

Good recruiters are dedicated to finding the best possible placements for job seekers and organizations – and they genuinely care about your success. At Radar, for example, the same recruiter works with both providers and clients to ensure an ideal fit. If you are not interested in pursuing opportunities with your recruiter, for whatever reason, referring your colleagues to your recruiter is a great way to continue that relationship.

When you refer colleagues to your recruiter, it benefits you AND it helps your recruiter! Making referrals to your recruiter helps establish and build more connections your professional network – this can really come in handy in the future. Referrals help your recruiter make more placements with clients, which helps foster those partnerships and creates more opportunities. Your recruiter will appreciate your working relationship and the business you are sending them.

Refer your Recruiter to Potential Clients and Opportunities

Recruiters are always looking for new opportunities to present to the job seekers they are helping. As you encounter new clients and contacts, share your recruiter’s contact information with them. If you come across job opportunities, share them with your recruiter. Help your recruiter continue to help you!

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