Benefits of Working with a Staffing Partner

Think about the last time you had to fill an open position. How long did the process take? How many hours did your hiring manager and human resources staff spend advertising for the position, sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and narrowing down the short list?

If you calculated how much time and effort goes into hiring one new employee, you would be astounded.

Now imagine that the next time you hire an employee, someone else takes care of the entire operation – from recruiting to onboarding. When you work with a healthcare staffing partner, this is what you and your team can look forward to. Here are just a few benefits of working with an experienced agency.

Valuable industry expertise.

When you connect with a staffing partner, you gain access to its wealth of knowledge and experience. You shouldn’t have to expend any energy on the search because recruiters will find candidates who are the perfect fit for your facility. The agency you choose should specialize in your industry, so you can trust its recruiters to understand your needs and priorities.

Eases stress.

Typically, when looking to fill a role, valuable members of your staff are called away from their responsibilities to help with screening candidates. This process can sometimes drag on for months putting more stress on your team and causing tensions to run high. Handing hiring off to a staffing partner minimizes stress for your staff.

Access to an extensive network.

Great staffing agencies and good recruiters know that successful hiring is based on relationships they are able to create. A staffing partner is able to leverage these relationships to place the right personnel in the right roles in the right location. They cultivate connections with providers over years, building a network of professionals who have a wide range of skills and experience.

An expert staffing partner develops such good relationships with providers that they return again and again for new placements – particularly in locum tenens positions. Providers trust that the agency knows them – their preferences, skills, and personalities – and have confidence that its recruiters will find them positions that are an excellent fit.

Why worry about keeping on top of that process, when staffing agencies like Radar Healthcare Providers are experts in that focus on your growth. Interested in working with Radar Healthcare Providers? Submit a staffing request.

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