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Good Communication is Key – Radar’s Partnership with Tift Regional Health

Good Communication is Key – Radar’s Partnership with Tift Regional Health

As Anesthesia Practice Manager for Tift Regional Health System in southwest Georgia, Stacey Heard is responsible for anesthesia staffing across each of the health system’s operating rooms, plus its outside surgery centers. She looks to Radar Healthcare Providers for help finding professionals who can fill the anesthesia needs for the 109-bed facility while also fitting in well with the rest of her staff.


While finding excellent anesthesia staff can be a challenge in today’s marketplace, Heard says the unavoidable realities of scheduling make the task even tougher.

“Traditionally, I share with Radar what I’m looking for in a candidate, what the work environment is like, what job they’ll be providing, and the services they’ll need to provide. And then they present candidates. It’s very specific,” Heard says. “I have a long history working with Radar; they meet all of our needs quickly. Even when we have last minute issues, they present candidates to fit our needs.”


Radar’s team is equipped to make specific matches for Tift Regional Health through the strength of its national database, and thanks to the commitment of its recruiting staff. Placing both permanent and locum tenen candidates, Radar’s national network of anesthesia providers (anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) includes professionals and new grads to those with many years of experience. In addition, each of Radar’s recruiters are seasoned healthcare professionals as well.

According to Heard, what sets Radar apart from other staffing partners are recruiters who identify and secure candidates that are a good fit for the specific needs of each location. First, by gaining a thorough understanding of those needs and a strong feel for the culture of the place. Then, following through to facilitate the credentialing process.

“Radar’s handling of the credentialing process has been wonderful,” Heard says. “They work diligently with our medical staff office here. They’re very active in that, and it becomes a very effective collaboration.”


“My favorite thing about working with Radar is they’re easy to work with, and so very flexible about trying to meet our scheduling needs,” Heard continues. “They communicate, and that’s what leads to our strong relationship. Sometimes we need very quick turnaround and they handle that well, too.”

Radar sources both locum CRNA and anesthesiology positions for Tift, as part of Heard’s ongoing quest to get the health system fully staffed.

“We actually recently had a locum Radar provided convert to a permanent employee,” she says. “She has been flexible and very consistent, and typically that’s what Radar looks for. This has been a big win for both Radar and us, as well as for the provider. She seems very happy, she’s already bought a house here, and says she’s planning to work here until her retirement. She’s a great example of what we value about Radar.”

If you’re looking for help finding the right anesthesia professionals for your facility, call Radar at (800) 691-3424 or fill out a staffing request online and one of our dedicated anesthesia staffing consultants will assist you.