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Radar Healthcare Finds “Right Fit” Positions for CRNA

Radar Healthcare Finds “Right Fit” Positions for CRNA

Even when you offer a specialized service that’s in high demand, it’s not always easy to find a job that’s an ideal match to your skills and experience. That’s why certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) Denis Awu values his relationship with Radar Healthcare Providers.

As a resource working through Radar, Awu benefits by being part of something bigger – a best-in-class anesthesia staffing service that matches skilled anesthesia professionals to the needs of hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and diverse outpatient settings across the country. Awu, who has worked as a Radar provider for almost a year, serves almost exclusively in hospital operating rooms – the best fit for his experience.

“Radar does a very good job of managing my placements,” Awu says. “They provide an accurate description of each opportunity before asking me to accept, oversee the credentialing process, and negotiate competitive rates. I really appreciate that all I have to do is show up and do a good job at what I’m trained to do.”

Jason Miller, Lead Recruiter at Radar, says the company is structured to make mutually beneficial staffing matches between first-rate anesthesia professionals like Awu and top healthcare practices that need their services, whether full or part-time, locum tenens or permanent. “With our ‘one desk’ model, the same person manages both clients and providers – so there are no miscommunications or surprises,” he says.

Radar’s process begins with ongoing relationships with anesthesia providers – from new graduates to those with decades of experience. The company’s recruiters know each provider and help them move from job to job as needed to meet both their personal goals and the needs of healthcare clients. “We manage the entire placement process for both parties, leveraging both our expertise and a rich database of available positions and qualified candidates,” Miller says.

Anesthesia providers like Awu appreciate the help: “My recruiter at Radar knows the industry and knows my skills well, so I never have a problem with where he sends me. He works everything out for me to be sure I get the compensation and schedule I want and looks out for my best interests.”

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