Radar Helps Expand CRNA’s Experience While Meeting Client Needs

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Richard Hanson, was looking to broaden his resume and his horizons. While working with Radar Healthcare Providers as a locum tenens anesthesia provider, he has been able to accomplish both, while offering hospitals his in-demand expertise where it’s needed most.

“I’m a well-rounded CRNA, but I had worked in a children’s hospital for eight years. I wanted to be able to update my resume with experience working with both children and adults” Hanson explains. “Radar gave me the opportunity to get reintroduced to working with adults through an assignment in a hospital in a city that had a very broad variety of cases. It was a good opportunity, and I was there for about two-and-a-half months then Radar found me another job.”

Radar Healthcare Providers matches skilled anesthesia providers, like Hanson, to the needs of hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and diverse outpatient settings across the country. By managing job placements, they are able to meet the needs of both the anesthesia professionals and the top healthcare clients they serve.

“I like moving around. I’ve been with Radar about a year now, and another reason I got into it was to be able to meet new people,” Hanson adds. “I’m single and not looking to put down roots anywhere, so I like the opportunity to travel and see what life is like in different cities.”

Hanson says Radar has been a big help throughout the placement process, including credentialing. Radar’s recruiters are available 24/7 to assist with questions and concerns before, during, or after an assignment.

“Chris Barnett goes above and beyond the call of duty as far as getting paperwork done and being very efficient – he’s a real pleasure to work with, so I like working with Radar,” Hanson says. “They’re finding me what I need right now. Their communication is very good, too. They provide thorough information up front and then, if I have questions, we talk about it. Chris gets the answers and gets back to me immediately, providing great feedback when I need it.”

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