Say Goodbye to Quick Fix Staffing Once and for all

Once you get into the cycle of quick fix staffing, it can be hard to break out of it. With all the time you spend finding anesthesia providers to cover shifts, there is no time to find a permanent solution.

When we are contacted in this scenario, we do two things immediately:

  1. Take fulfillment of immediate needs off your plate

  2. Develop a profile of your ideal permanent provider

By asking the right questions and putting together the right profile, we identify the ideal anesthesia provider for you. Questions include:

Is the position part time or full time? Does it require early morning starts? How often does your team need to stay late? What types of cases do you commonly perform? What does physician supervision look like? Are your providers required to help with patient care beyond anesthesia?

On top of this information, we seek to understand why your past providers did not succeed at your facility.

With these details, we can review our database of tens of thousands of providers to find a provider that is best suited for you.

After your trouble position(s) are filled, we continue to research what your anesthesia needs could look like in the near future. Therefore, we can work with you to develop a proactive plan that will help you grow efficiently and with less stress.

Over this past year, Radar has focused on expanding the number of recruiters dedicated to meeting client needs, adding quality providers to our national database, and investing in more technology to streamline and speed customer service.

Transitioning to Radar is easy. Call (800) 691-3424 or fill out a staffing request online and one of our dedicated anesthesia staffing consultants will assist you.

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