Things to Look for In a Successful Healthcare Staffing Relationship

Selecting which healthcare staffing firm to partner with is one of the most important decisions your facility will make. If you work with an agency that doesn’t align with your goals or values, the negative repercussions can be long-lasting: frustrating placement delays, disorganized recruiting processes and new hires who are the wrong fit for the positions.

Take the time to identify what the most important qualities are in a staffing agency, so you can find a partner that will help you strengthen your team and your organization. Here is a checklist of essential characteristics to look for.

Excellent Reputation

Do your homework. Research online to put together a short list of staffing firms in your location or specialty area. Do you work in a medical specialty, like anesthesia, that requires in-depth knowledge? Ask trusted professional contacts for recommendations. If they like working with a particular firm, ask specific follow-up questions. What do they like about the firm’s staffing approach? Who are their recruiters, and what is their expertise? What is their average time to fill positions?

When you have a short list of staffing agencies, read their social media posts and reviews, and any media coverage you can find. Reach out to the firm for a consultation, and ask for a list of client references you can speak to.

Clear Communication

Pay attention to how a staffing firm treats you from the very first interaction. When you email, do you receive a prompt, helpful response? When you call, are you referred to someone who understands your challenges and can answer your questions? Each time you get in touch, do you get passed from one recruiter to the other, or do you have one dedicated contact? Look for an agency that gives you personalized attention and is interested in building a long-term partnership with your facility.

Wide Recruitment Reach

Understand the scope of the firm’s recruitment capabilities. Do they work only in a certain geographic area or with a limited pool of candidates? Your goal is to hire providers who are best suited to open positions, so a staffing agency with an extensive reach within your specialty is an asset.

At Radar Healthcare, we specialize in matching anesthesia providers with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and all types of outpatient settings nationwide for full-time and locum tenens positions. We source all types of CRNA and anesthesiologist candidates, from new grads to those who have worked in the field for decades. Our recruiters have over 70 years of combined experience finding the perfect fit – and we operate on a one-desk model, meaning the same person handles both clients and providers so communication and expectations are always clear.

Interested in learning more about how we work? Contact us, and one of our anesthesia staffing consultants will start working with you personally.

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