Struggling to Find a CRNA or Anesthesiologist? Here’s What to Do

Adding a new CRNA or anesthesiologist to your team is a big undertaking – often requiring hours of work writing the job description, advertising the position, and screening candidates before making a final offer. If you are struggling to find an anesthesia provider who will be the right fit for an open position, start by taking these three steps.

Define the needs of your facility

Go beyond the qualifications and responsibilities listed in the job description, and identify what you truly need from a new provider. Do you manage a large hospital with a high volume of patients and a Level 1 trauma center? You will need a CRNA or anesthesiologist with relevant experience who can stay calm and levelheaded in stressful situations. Does your small private practice use a care team model? You may prioritize candidates who have a work history that demonstrates flexibility, collaboration, and ongoing professional development. Narrow your search to meet your facility’s unique needs.

Find a fit for your facility’s culture  

Align your hiring process with your organizational mission and values. What principles guide how you run your facility and treat patients? What do your values look like in action? What traits do successful members of your staff share? Each person will bring their own background, experiences, and style to the team, but look for common characteristics, such as integrity, empathy, patience, and diligence.

Work with the right healthcare staffing firm

Partnering with a healthcare staffing firm that specializes in anesthesia providers can save you a significant amount of time, and ultimately result in a better placement. Look for an agency that has a great reputation in your location or specialty area, wide-ranging recruitment capabilities, and a screening process that offers you the best possible candidates.

At Radar Healthcare, we use a full desk recruiting model, which means the same recruiter who works with you on the client side is also communicating with providers. This approach results in better communication and efficiency in recruiting and a deeper knowledge of what both parties are looking for.

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