Less is More: A Full Desk Recruiting Model Delivers the Right Provider with Less Work for You

No hiring manager wants to go through a mountain of resumes – especially if they have invested in working with a recruiting company.

However, most staffing companies are in a race to get the credit for helping you fill a position, and in their haste they are known to send over countless CVs hoping one of them will stick.

Unfortunately, this process does not equate to speed in filling a position. Hiring managers have to allocate time to review all the resumes and figure out who will be the right fit. If they don’t have time to put that much thought into the process, they often end up with a provider who does not fit in their culture and who does not last – and the process starts over again and again.

At Radar, we employ a full desk recruiting model. That means the same person who is working with you on the client side is also responsible for the provider side as well. Our clients like this model because they know their recruiter speaks to clients and providers, which allows for more efficiency in recruiting and a better knowledge of the anesthesia market in general. Our team spends the time up front understanding your needs and asking insightful questions about the requirements of the position, qualifiers that go beyond just experience, credentials, and required hours. Does the role require flexibility in the form of early starts, call, late evenings, or weekends?  Is the facility growing and will additional skills be needed in the future?

We conduct this same research with the thousands of anesthesia providers in our database. This upfront work helps us fill positions quickly with minimal effort required on your end. And the team members we recruit were selected to fit your clinical and your cultural needs which leads to higher retention rates – so you don’t have to hire this position over and over again.

Interested in learning more about the full desk model? Click here to connect with a member of our team.
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