Expert Anesthesia Staffing Improves Patient – and Physician – Satisfaction

While most ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and hospitals maintain a strategic focus on patient satisfaction, the potential contributions of the center’s anesthesia staff may not always be top-of-mind as healthcare leaders track this important metric. As a national anesthesia recruiting leader, Radar Healthcare Providers ensure centers benefit from opportunities inherent in the anesthesia function to improve both patient and physician satisfaction.

Radar Healthcare Manager of Operations, David Weiglein, says getting the right anesthesia staff in place comes first, which is a step Radar commits to with the help of partners, who are experts in anesthesia and practice management. Among its staffing services commitment, Radar has the capability to source both permanent and locum tenen anesthesia providers that are equipped with the skills and service mentality healthcare facilities need to deliver excellence.

“Anesthesia professionals work for the surgeon and for the patient,” Weiglein says. “Customer service is a big part of our world and what we do as part of this triangle. We’re there to take care of people, and we do that by putting the right providers in place to make sure patients are well cared for, and not just physiologically while they’re under anesthesia. In the pre-op and post-op process as well, our people do their best to be completely professional and kind, to alleviate any anxiety that we can, and to give full explanations of what we’re doing to inform patients’ expectations.”

Weiglein says there is no magic formula for getting the right anesthesia personnel in the right roles in the right location. Rather, he explains, it comes down to thorough recruiting to identify appropriate talent, consistent coaching, and management oversight.

“We work hard to ensure all of our people are on the same page, that everyone understands their role, and that we are customer driven in our approach,” Weiglein says. “That process, in turn, serves both physicians and patients better by allowing quicker scheduling, quality execution, and better service.”

To expand your anesthesia staff and impact patient and physician satisfaction, contact Radar Healthcare Providers today.

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