Successfully Acclimating Locum Tenens Staff Offers Healthcare Facilities Flexible Anesthesia Resources, Seamless Fit

Given the importance of anesthesia staff to the efficient operation of today’s hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), extending anesthesia resources seamlessly when needed is critical to success. National anesthesia recruiting leader Radar Healthcare Providers helps facilities take advantage of talented locum tenens resources to ensure a smooth transition and successful relationship from Day One.

Radar helps anesthesia providers transition quickly to find a productive fit with an existing team. “The most important thing we do is identify and hire providers that have a team approach, a facilitator mentality,” says David Weiglein, Manager of Operations at Radar Healthcare Providers. “Those are the types of people our clients are looking for. They’re flexible, and they understand their role wherever they are.”

To help locum tenens anesthesia providers acclimate to new environments, Radar takes a number of steps, beginning with sourcing the right personality types and then arming them with the support they need to succeed. “In recruiting, we’re looking for the right expertise but also the right type of person, a person who’s seen different environments, and has an attitude focused on service. And then we make sure they understand their role going in. Our clinical team preps them on client expectations to make certain we’re all on the same page,” Weiglein explains.

Radar also verifies the professional credentials of their providers, a time-consuming responsibility typically taken on by healthcare facility staff. This process is crucial for compliance with regulatory standards and for minimizing potential legal risks. Radar’s experienced credentialing staff handles credentialing for organizations to streamline the necessary tasks and procedures involved with bringing on a new provider.

In addition, Radar partners with anesthesia management groups and onsite staff to establish rapport, get feedback in real time, identify what’s important, and share that information with locum tenens staff to proactively head off any potential problems.  Radar is ready to provide support on the provider’s first day, making certain that all efforts are coordinated to meet client criteria.

We are facilitators, that’s the nature of our business,” says Weiglein. “Anesthesia’s role is always in the background — we’re there to help the process. We do that in a number of ways, and we’re not looking for applause at all, we’re just trying to make things as fluid as we can. We accomplish our piece of the puzzle with excellence, but we also want to make the clients and the patients happy. That’s what it’s all about.”

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