5 Factors a CRNA or Anesthesiologist Needs to Consider Before Accepting A Job

Embarking on a job search as a CRNA or anesthesiologist requires you to examine some big questions. What are you looking for in a workplace? Which position will be well-suited to your skills, experience, and goals? Where will you be able to grow and thrive?

A great job may not be a great job for you, so it’s important to personalize your search. We have put together a checklist of five essential factors you need to consider before accepting an anesthesia provider position.

  1. Location

Where do you want to live? Are you set on a certain geographic area, or are you open to moving? Make a list of the things that matter to you most about your location; for example: close to family, in a big metropolitan area, near nature, affordable for first-time home buyers. If you take a job you love in a place you hate, you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

  1. Culture

Decide what type of organizational culture you are seeking and, more importantly, why. Do you want to work in a large hospital where you can gain experience in different departments and procedures? Do you prefer to focus on a specialty in a smaller practice or surgery center? Look closely at the leadership in each team you are considering joining. Who would you be working with day to day? Who would you report to? Does the team seem to have a strong culture of support and mentorship? Imagine yourself working in this environment and ask if it would be a good fit for you.

  1. Professional Development

Before accepting a job, assess whether or not you will be able to grow within it. What type of cases will you be working on when you first start – and how will that change over time? Will you have access to ongoing professional training and growth opportunities? You want this position to support the career path you have mapped out.

  1. Compensation

Take a holistic view of the compensation package an employer is offering. Salary is a critical factor, but so are other benefits, such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, paid time off, student loan assistance, relocation reimbursement, or flexible schedules. What is most important to you, now and in the future? Would you prefer to be a locums provider vs. being an employee?  Evaluate all of these components as you are comparing anesthesia provider jobs.

  1. Goal Alignment

Look ahead to five or 10 years from now. Where do you want to be in your career? Where do you see yourself working? Write down your major professional and personal goals, and see if a position will help you work toward these objectives. For example, if your goal is to be Chief CRNA in a mid-sized hospital or a locum provider in an outpatient surgery center, you will be evaluating a different set of characteristics for  a job. Be clear about your vision for your career, so you can take positions that align with your long-term goals.

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